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The competition of industry of ice making machine, have broad market prospects

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At present, the ice making machine has been widely popular in Europe and the United states. According to experts, ice making machine consists of ice making machine and small business for large commercial composed of ice making machine. Large ice machine is mainly used in large commercial supermarkets, meat dish processing, ice storage air-conditioning, concrete cooling, textile and chemical industry. Small ice making machine is mainly used in hotels and restaurants, places of business (Coffee shop, KTV, bar), medical and biological fields. In Europe and the United States, people have formed the habit of adding ice in their drinks. There, the ice wine, ice wine and cocktails for. But wine is essential drinks, European and American home life. Therefore, the ice making machine in Europe and the United States are surprisingly high penetration rate. In addition, the ice making mechanism of ice, in Europe and the United States is widely applied to the trauma of the ice, it can stop bleeding, reduce traumatic pain or fever, also need ice.

Refrigeration industry in China after decades of development, both the scale of production or technical level, have been greatly improved, play a role in the national economy is also growing. It is understood, ice making machine is a kind of refrigeration machinery will be water through the evaporator by the refrigerant cooling system after the formation of ice, the ice making machine, the annual output of about 140000 around Taiwan, ice making machine industry in China is still an emerging industry, a huge market space, competition is not growing.

From our country's overall environment, industry of ice making machine with the change of people's life style and gradually have broad market prospects. At present, the overall stability and development situation of China's many large ice making machine enterprises, development of a good situation. While many small ice making machine company is the "Warring States" to the situation, according to the survey, there will be 3 to 5 small ice making machine enterprise established in China almost every year. Before because the industry standard is not perfect, often lead to market looks messy. And the relevant departments of the state also do in quality supervision is not in place. Some foreign brands, also joined the competition in the market.

In recent years, China's ice machine industrial zone has been formed gradually, the market value of two hundred million yuan. Among them, large industrial ice machine belt mainly concentrated in Fujian, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, where manufacturing industry developed, logistics and convenient; small ice making machine industry is mainly concentrated in the commerce industry developed area.

With the development of the times, the improvement of people's living standard, there are ice making machine products are closely associated with the hotel, entertainment, will have great prospects for development. The rapid development of refrigeration technology in our country, but compared with developed countries, we use precision machinery manufacturing, processing level, material, also has the very big development space. The refrigeration equipment has widespread applications, different fields have different requirements, with the rapid development of the industry, the refrigeration equipment requirements are increasingly high, so enterprises in the selection of precision machinery manufacturing, processing level, material and other aspects needed to be further efforts.