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Food frozen ice machine preservation principle

Time:2014-02-17 16:39:00Source:This siteViews:5812

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the food hygiene requirements are more and more strict, especially for the preservation of food, it is required to do health and safety, fresh, to retain the original flavor of food. Problems like this, only need a refrigerator or ice machine can do. But the principle is what?

Vegetables, fruits and seafood etc. These foods for fresh requirements are particularly high requirements, otherwise unable to meet the long-distance transport or storage. Our food flake ice machine just to do this, we all know that fruits, vegetables and other plant foods in the storage, they have the vitality of organism. Because they are living, to breathe; food plant long-term preservation, must maintain their living condition, but also weaken the role of their breathing. Low temperature reduces respiration of fruit and vegetable plant food, thus prolonging the food storage period. At the same time frozen by gas adjustment measures, adjust the gas containing oxygen, carbon dioxide, good storage effect. Our food flake ice machine is the use of this characteristic, the vegetables, fruit and other food to cool storage.