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To promote the development of ice making industry benign competition

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With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the continuous improvement of living standards, people's quality of life have higher requirements, especially for food hygiene requirements more stringent, ice making machine because it can rapidly reduce the temperature of food, fresh food preservation difficult problem to solve, preservation time is short, so by the supermarket, hotel, bread factory shop, seafood, meat processing factory, chemical factory, welcome. Whether commercial ice making machine or industrial ice making machine, have very great potential market. Because the industry of ice making machine threshold relatively low, whether it is foreign, domestic, the high-end, in the end or low-end brands have flooded the ice making machine industry, the market is only dozens of ice making machine business growth to hundreds of even more. And high school low brand competition is different, the pattern of high-end product market is relatively stable, although the competition but the degree of competition is not fierce. At present, the ice making machine is the most intense competition is mainly reflected in between, the low-end brand competition, in the low-end brand homogenization phenomenon is serious, the competition is mainly reflected in the price war, the ice making machine is in the foreign brands monopoly advantage, high-end brand products world situation. According to a recent China refrigeration magazine survey, Chinese ice making machine market year sales volume now at about five to about sixty thousand. The data also shows a part of small ice making machine manufacturers to seize market share, to reduce the production cost, can not guarantee the quality, low price, resulting in a disorderly competition in the industry. And China Refrigeration Association also stressed, the lack of market norms and standards of the Chinese ice making machine industry, there is no doubt China market is a growing market, the industry is immature to mature, from non-standard to standard. So I hope that the relevant units and enterprises of ice making machine together, establish and improve the market access mechanism, formulate technical standards of the industry. The ice making machine enterprises to create more value, does not meet the criteria for enterprises to be eliminated. Faster only benign competition can make the development of the industry of ice making machine.